Welcome to Oak Osteopathy

Manual therapy to restore efficient and painfree movement

Release emotional tension stored in the body

Restore balance to the nervous system

Private and public tuition of Asana (posture), Pranayama (breath), philosophy and meditation

Luke McGrane

  • Osteopath BSc(Hons)
  • Yoga Teacher RYT 200Hrs
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach NTC

About Oak Osteopathy

Corks premier Osteopathic, Yoga and Strength & Conditioning clinic

I know how it feels to struggle with pain and not be able to continue with the activities that you love. This can causes not only physical pain but emotional pain.
I am totally confident in getting you back doing what you love. I have the experience and many past patients to testify.
I use a logical treatment plan and have taken influence from some of the top rehabilitation experts in the world.
You do not need to put up with pain any longer. It’s time to take action.
When we heal our pain, we can do the activities we love, we are happier and healthier.