Spinal Manipulation


Osteopathy is a form of manual healthcare which recognises the important link between the structure of the body and the way it functions. Osteopaths focus on how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs function as a whole.

Using skilled evaluation, diagnosis and a wide range of hands-on techniques, osteopaths can identify types of dysfunction in the body. Osteopathic treatment includes techniques such as stretching and mobilisation for general treatment of the soft tissues, along with manipulation of the musculoskeletal system, connective tissues and organs.

Luke also practises a form of treatment called cranial osteopathy which is a refined and subtle type of osteopathic treatment. Luke uses gentle techniques to release stresses throughout the body.

Patients seek treatment for a wide variety of conditions, including back pain, sciatica, repetitive strain injury, changes to posture in pregnancy, postural problems caused by driving or work strain,  arthritis and sports injuries. Osteopathic treatment can be used in conjunction with your normal medication and can be adapted to treat any age or condition.

No, you can make an appointment directly without a referral and Osteopathic treatment is covered on most plans offer by Health insurance companies.

Bring along any X-rays, MRI scan reports or test results that you may have relating to the issue.

It is important that you feel comfortable. A comfortable shirt and loose pants or a pair of shorts or gym wear is usually ideal. If in doubt, ask Luke when making your appointment.

Your initial consultation will last 60 minutes.

This will consist of a full bio-mechanical exam to determine where you are strong/ weak, flexible/ inflexible and discrepancies in ability between left and right sides.

Follow-up treatments are 45 minutes and mainly consist of hands on trreatment and exercise rehabilitation.

This depends on your condition. Generally you would expect to see  improvements in your symptoms within the first 2 visits. Long term or chronic conditions may require longer treatment times.

Yes, most private health Insurance policies will cover Osteopathy Treatments. The amount of cover depends on the Policy.