Osteopathy is a holistic model of healthcare that incorporates different aspects of wellness in treating injury or disease.
The Osteopath does not just look at the site of pain, but the body as a whole and what elements of your lifestyle or movement patterns have contributed to your current pain.
Main Modalities of an Osteopathic Treatment:
Deep Tissue Massage
Joint Mobilisation
Joint Manipulation
Exercise Program
Exercise Prescription
In my journey of becoming an Osteopath and in my own healing, I have studied several other modalities of therapy to compliment my practice. I like to think of them as collecting different pieces of the puzzle of Holistic Healing.
I incorporate techniques learned through Personal Training in altering body composition (gaining muscle and losing weight).
Strength and Conditioning techniques and programmes for developing athletic competence.
I studied Nutritional Science in UCC and have a competent understanding in the role of Nutrition in Healthcare.
Various forms of Meditation, Yoga Asanas and relaxation techniques to guide the body and mind to a restful state where real healing begins.
All of these modalities and more fit together to create an effective tool in aiding in recovering from your pain or debilitation.
In essence, Osteopathy is a hands-on and biomechanical/structural approach to treating an injury without disregarding potential contributing lifestyle factors.

More Therapies & Treatments

There are many other therapies and treatments available to help the body achieve and maintain wellness.